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Photoshop is the only software used worldwide for photo editing / finishing. It is mainly used in the fields of advertising, photography, printing, web and animation. This software has made it possible for photographers and artists to visualize ideas easily. Photoshop has made it easy to create unbelievable and real visuals. Although Photoshop is a very large and widely used software, it is an online course that teaches in a very simple and short time. By taking this course you will be able to easily edit / finish any image required for advertising, printing and web. If you are an artist, you can create more and more great works of art using your creative ideas. Once you understand the basic concept of Photoshop, you can work comfortably in any version of Photoshop. Because the artwork in Photoshop is not based on software versions, it is based on the artist’s Imagination. Software is just a tool. The software is designed with artists and photographers in mind and refers to the traditional way of working. You too can learn this software and create various designs with your imagination.

This is 60 Days online Photoshop course with 30 Lessons.
The next lesson will be available every two days respectively. within 2 days you need to upload assignment of respective lesson. Please note, next lesson will be only open after uploading the assignment.

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